How to do an Address Lookup

Address Lookup is a search service that utilizes available information or data to search for a target address, from the web, archives, government databases, whitepages, etc. Just like in the case of a reverse cell phone lookup, there are various data options needed in order to perform an address lookup. They may include ZIP codes, Street Addresses, States, Cities, Provinces, tag numbers or vehicle plates. When feeding data for an address lookup, you may find one or more requisite fields (based on the data options) that must be filled to enable the system generate the search results.

address lookup

An address lookup service is easy to use and fortunately a good number are available in the internet. You can also find premium services with advanced features to support advanced searches. Locating a person’s address via address lookup service(s) could take as few as five seconds to access all the address information you need, including maps. One should be aware, however, that different countries use different address formats. Some countries use ZIP codes while others use postal codes.

Why people have to look up addresses?

Address lookup is essential in locating addresses for varied reasons; be it for mail delivery, simple house directions, locating businesses, verifying ownership, or verifying who lives at a certain address. It also helps when one needs to view the ownership of a property before purchase, rental, or any other reasons.

Besides giving directions and all related benefits, a reverse address lookup may also help in finding out the owner of a specific address. It could help in planning, where objectives are drawn against specific target addresses without wasting time with physical visitations.

How it works

Address lookup as a search tool makes use of the data provided to search for relevant information from aggregate online resources. They scour address databases to locate the requested address. All you need to do is just provide relevant data. Sometimes one is simply required to feed the search engine with some address details and the results will  appear in a few seconds.

The search tool should also be able to bring up additional features like maps if available, especially now that most sites have partnered with geocoding/geomapping providers. Good examples are Google Maps and Yahoo geocoding web service.

Even when one gets only the geographical coordinates, they can feed these to a geomapping tool, and be pointed to the exact address. If the coordinates are wrong, you will notice from the non-conclusive mapping results. For example Google returns a 602 error message for non-existent locations whereas Yahoo will, if the name of the town exists, return to the center of that town.

Address verification for US requires a valid state and the correct zip code. This should give you satisfactory results.

Who provides address lookup services?

There are many websites that offer this service; some for free whereas others are paid sites. Reputable companies like Google and Yahoo have their geocoding web services. Microsoft’s Virtual Earth Street Address search service is also enjoying some level of extolment from users. Other popular sites include MSN people search and AOL Anywhere Whitepages.

Address lookup vs reverse address lookup

People use these two terms interchangeably. An address lookup could be searching an address using Google maps or looking up someone’s address using his/her name. In contrast a reverse address search is when you already have the address and you’re searching for the owner’s name and/or address using a reverse lookup tool. This would be an important consideration before you embark on your reverse lookup task. This remains true for not only address searches, but also for reverse cell phone lookups as well as email address lookups. Deciding whether you need a forward lookup or a reverse lookup is an important consideration. In contrast to reverse cell phone lookup directories that are usually not free, address lookup and reverse address lookup tools can be free.


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