Is there a Free Cell Phone Number Directory?

Free cell phone number directory for reverse cell phone lookupSo you want to do a reverse cell phone lookup and you want to know if there is a free cell phone number directory that you can use. The issue of a Cell Phone Number Directory has been a dominant subject among stakeholders in the telecommunications industry. Indeed a few years ago, a number of leading wireless providers revealed a plan to unveil what they described as a universal cell phone directory. Most people in the public thought the intention was to have all cell phone numbers published and displayed for the rest of the universe to see. This was interpreted as a dangerous move because many people feared that telemarketers would take advantage and swamp them with sales calls. To support this fear, massive online campaigns were spread via emails with messages that turned out to be rumors because their claims have never materialized.

Cell phone numbers go publicCell phone numbers to go public?

The main message carried in the online rumors indicate that cell phone numbers will go public soon, that they will be released to telemarketing companies and every cell phone owner will start receiving sales calls. The further claims that receivers of such calls would be charged. So to prevent this, one is urged to call a given number known as the national Do NOT CALL line to block one’s cell phone from being accessed by telemarketers, for five years.

But later it emerged that the message being spread online was only a rumor that never came to be. Te truth is that the directory was only to be available only to those who called for help and paid the set fee. Further, this would only be possible with the consent of the individual wireless customers. However, even this arrangement is said to have gone quiet since 2006 when plans to effect the wireless telephone directory were put to rest. No similar plans have been floated in recent times, neither by authorities nor telecommunication corporates.

Adding your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry  is the only way to remove your number from reverse cell phone lookup directories?

Mobile phone users are permitted by the Federal Trade Commission to add their cell phone details to the National Do Not Call Registry. This is the very same registry that is already available for home phones. To add their numbers, users can register online or simply dial 1-888-382-1222. But this is not mandatory because the FCC policies have automatically blocked the much ‘feared’ telemarketers from calling mobile phones via automatic dialers. Millions have taken the initiative to register with this service, just to take caution and feel safe from unsolicited calls. Everyone can do this and you can register at any time.

Deadline for Do Not Call Registry coming soon?

Unfortunately there are so many rumors going around, often scaring people that there is a strict deadline for people to add their cell phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Register. This is a pure lie because there is no such deadline. The registration is open to all whenever they feel like adding their details. Because this would be the only.

Here’s a real funny video about how to register your mobile number with the National Do Not Call Registry.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reiterated that the claims circulating in emails should not worry consumers at all. The FTC has also insisted that registration with the National Do Not Call Registry is not really necessary, saying no numbers are being given to telemarketers. They also make it clear that telemarketers have been completely barred from calling consumers without their consent. The association that represents telemarketers has also come out to say that their members have no intention of making sales calls to consumers.

The Federal Communications Commission has equally stated that even as the industry explores the possibility of establishing a Cell Phone Directory, most sales calls from telemarketers will still remain unlawful regardless of whether a cell phone number is included in the National Do Not Call Registry.

Looking at the complications and confusion surrounding the cell phone directory idea, it is easy to tell why there is no cell phone number directory. Consumers are concerned that such a move will give telemarketers the freedom to disturb them with cold calls. The other fear is that criminals will also get a chance to use the directory to their advantage. All these issues are definitely a bother to bodies like the FCC and FTC and this is a major impediment to the establishment of a credible the Cell Phone Number Directory.

Hope this answers your questions about the existence of a free cell phone number directory. If there was anything that was not clear about it, please let us know by commenting below.

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