Popular Reverse Cell Phone Directories

Public domain phonebooks vs online cell phone directories

Have you already given up on your reverse phone lookup with a public domain reverse lookup service? Why? Of course for starters because the publicly listed phone number directories don’t have much information on cell phone numbers. That’s why free phone directories like the Whitepages and Anywho cannot be of help with a reverse cell phone lookup. If you happen to be trying to keep an eye on your child’s mobile phone communication (or your spouse); track down and stop the nuisance of a bully, debt collector, prankster or anonymous caller; or if you’re trying to vet and profile your employees, then brace yourself for disappointment on your reverse phone lookup with a public domain phone directory which is basically a free service that provides contact information that is already listed and therefore readily available.cell phones

Why are paid cell phone directory services more reliable than public domain directories?

Paid reverse phone directories are without a doubt more reliable than free reverse phone lookup services provided by public domain directories for a number of reasons:

  1. They use exclusive, privately owned databases that have privileged access and are hence highly specialized and more specific.
  2. They are updated every so often and regularly maintained for consistencies.
  3. They are not limited to listed phone numbers only which can be acquired very easily from a number of sources, but even then, without much background information.
  4. They are very large and loaded with a wealth of classified personal and contact information of millions and millions of phone numbers across the board.
  5. They can be used for background checks since they provide as much info as possible, and it is sufficient to build a profile for the owner of the phone number being reverse checked.
  6. They provide full support and database records for both land line numbers (telephone numbers) and for cellular phones as well, unlike public domain directories which only feature listed phone numbers that are typically land line numbers and not private phone numbers such as personal mobile numbers.
  7. They enable you to carry out your reverse phone lookup discreetly, privately, and in a secured environment, and data exchanged is highly encrypted for data integrity.
  8. Many paid reverse phone lookup services offer value added services by availing additional profile information such as property or real estate records, birth records, linked people trace, reverse email address search, and much more.
  9. Many big companies, social media corporations, research bodies and market insight companies seek after the reliable services of paid reverse phone lookup directories, and pay dearly for this very useful, very valuable information.
  10. These private reverse phone directory services also integrate with background information sources that could help you unearth vital information to identify a criminal, fraudster, sex offender, and such. It has become commonplace for employers and parents to subscribe to such reverse phone lookup services; such information has become fundamental in verifying job applicants, monitoring kids and their phone exchanges, keeping tabs on your man or to catch a philandering spouse. And yes, it has worked, to that end.

They are not free services, but the following reverse phone lookup directories offer paid subscriptions that are worth their value in information provided…


Arguably one of the best reverse cell phone lookup services! PhoneDetective is not an accredited (BBB approved, Truste.com secured) facility that furnishes subscribers with access to instant reverse lookups. Regardless, it is known to give decently accurate results compared to some other popular cell phone directories. It boasts encrypted server-client connections between your browser and PhoneDetective server, and all the while your connection is protected with Norton Security. You’re guaranteed a highly secured, encrypted, private reverse phone search into a wealthy database with private and confidential contact information and much more. PhoneDetective online cell phone directory is also powered to access multiple databases and information sources all at the same time, allowing you to quickly search even for company numbers, both listed and unlisted phone numbers. This gives PhoneDetective an edge over other reverse phone lookup services that rely on a single database to source all the records. It instead captures all the info obtainable from its databank of hard to find resources and little known sources, then consolidates the relevant, quality and original results, and then profiles them to your end.

Of course not even the biggest corporations have access to all mobile phone numbers and accompanying background information…this could very well be closer to impossible. However, what the PhoneDetective delivers is quality, reliable reverse phone lookups thanks to its multiple information databanks.

To experience this dependable service, you’d have to enroll for the PhoneDetective membership plan which really is for the serious subscriber who wants nothing short of a full background report on the owner of that phone number. Some of the details entailed in the reverse phone lookup report you will be provided with after you sign up and conduct your search are highlighted here: current contact phone numbers, previous phone number history and changes, current home address, previous home addresses, residential map address, work and employment information, domestic profile – household details (wife, kids, family), and much much more!

People Finders

Also very similar to the aforementioned service, People Finders is an accredited reverse cell phone number lookup service and a background checking service at the same time. The website boasts AA top rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The People Finders phone directory website has been around for many years, having already provided millions of people with valuable information from their reverse phone searches. With People Finders, your target phone number is your weapon, and it will be your conduit to all other information that could help you reconnect with lost contacts.

People By Name

This is yet another good reverse phone lookup service which integrates with your phone service carrier. You can search and find a person’s real full name from their phone number and therefore easier track them where necessary. People By Name is know to reconnect lost contacts and lost people, family members that completely lost touch with each other; and all this by way of searching for their information using their phone number, addresses or by their names – as the service is aptly named.